Emotional Data Intelligence

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Media outlets are facing severe challenges nowadays. Growing competition driven by digitalization and lack of content revenue forces publishers to reinvent themselves. Financial publishers need to find a way to build a rising customer subscription containing interesting and valuable information for investment services.

Stockpulse offers the perfect solution to increase your customer base, improve your quality content, and accumulate your monetization. Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence generates a fully automated news flow of exceptional quality. Covering over 35000 stock companies worldwide, Stockpulse has developed Emotional Data Intelligence for financial publishers and readers.

At a glance!

A brief cutout (3 out of 10 indicators) of Stockpulse's "StockReport" on February 14th, 2020, analyzing Facebook.

FB sentiment at maximum low (-10) indicating a short position at 213 USD or a put option strike 200, April 2020.

Facebook was hitting a low of 137.10 USD in March 2020.

Emotional Data Intelligence at work!

Emotional Data Intelligence for Financial Publishers

Screening and surveilling innumerable social media metadata, Stockpulse’s message collectors filter, select, and process social media squawk into successful investment ideas for subscribers. We edit our services in English, German, and Mandarin and provide relevant financial investment information and newsflow in real-time for your retail customer base.

Stockpulse delivers the next level subscription model for commercial publishing houses providing financial news to the consumer.

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