Emotional Data Intelligence

Alpha-Driven Alternative Investment

The Stockpulse Method

Stockpulse combines both worlds in a holistic approach to support decision-makers in financial markets. Our message collectors trace social media squawk in English, German, and Mandarin. We collect our data from several thousand different sources worldwide. This user-generated content comprises a substantial part of communication in social media networks today. We identify this emotionally expressed content and classify it as “Emotional Data”. Data intelligence refers to the collection of large amounts of data called data mining.

Both parts of social media analysis are unstructured and must be processed to create value for financial investors. Stockpulse’s artificial intelligence filters this bulk of information, selects, structures and converts it into intelligible data for the financial industry.

The outcome is Emotional Data Intelligence! Able to understand the emotions expressed by market participants, investors improve their asset allocation and enhance seeking alpha.

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