The emotional value of asset allocation!

We provide inimitable decision support for you with Emotional Data Intelligence that collects, filters, matches, scores, and augments unstructured data and converting it into viable information


Enhance your quantitative analysis with alternative data gathered from worldwide online sources, processed, stock-tailored, easy to integrate into your database.

Selection of Dataset

  • Buzz / Sentiment
  • Key Events
  • Topics


AI-generated decision anticipates trends. Stockpulse uses its backtesting method as well as Tensorflow and Deep Learning approach to delivering in-depth information.

Selection of Dataset

  • Pulse Picks
  • Stock Ratings
  • Trading Opportunities
  • Daily Trends


Quantitative investment models, backtested with auto-delivery options.

Strategy example

  • Long-Only
  • Global Macro
  • Event Driven
  • Long/Short

Fundamental & Technical Analysis

We provide a substantial entity of fundamental and technical value to support your decision-making.

Selection of Dataset

  • Filter for technical indicators
  • Price history
  • Short interest data

We assist in improving your performance. Stockpulse, your partner for future success!


Stockpulse's Long/Short daily Apple trading based on MOO and MOC strategy showing impeccable results

Superior outperfomance during market sell-offs

Apple bitten by Deep Learning Method of Stockpulse

S&P 500

Emotional Data Intelligence dwarfing Spyders over the last eight years

Consistent outperformance of worldwide equity indices year over year