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"Pump and Dump finds a new home - on Social Media and Chat Forums"

Social Media monitoring, the modern tool for compliance managers

Stockpulse‘s system detected an unusual Buzz increase for Blue Sphere Corp, just days before the parabolic price increase followed by low buzz after the price increase. A viable example that show the capabilities of our AI tools and how an alert system set on Buzz would have detected this in the early stages.

Mologen AG and the Insider Trading that Took Place

In the case of Mologen AG, a user in a message board early indicates insider trading activities. An individual called Subsidiaritaetsprinzip reveals information that potentially impacts the Mologen AG stock.

Message posted on 08/08/2018 Subsidiaritaetsprinzip: "A hammer Deal is coming!!! Insiders have made their trades."

Message posted on 15/08/2018 Subsidiaritaetsprinzip: "You should have read my post from last week. Everything is given there."

Message posted on 16/08/2018 Subsidiaritaetsprinzip: "I like to repeat it again. BaFin should check out the deal and trading activity for the stock. Subsidiaritaetsprinzip annnounced the deal way in advance"