AI tools for Social Media monitoring for Trading Surveillance

Stockpulse offers a unique feature to ameliorate your compliance

In today's challenging environment where Social Media has become the status quo that represents retail investors in the financial markets, Stockpulse offers solace solutions to regulators and surveillance offices. Our advanced AI and Machine Learning analytics allow compliance managers to access every inch of Social Media and surveil any discussion regarding cryptos, equties, commodities, FX and so on. We provide inimitable decision support for you with

Emotional Data Intelligence that collects, filters, matches, scores, and augments unstructured data and converting it into viable information. Whether it is pump and dump, stock manipulation with social bots, or any other wrongful activities on social media, Emotional Data Intelligence surveils the internet and supports your signaling system. Stockpulse ameliorates the surveillance systems at NASDAQ and Deutsche Börse AG and many other clients.

Fitting Products


Access valuable datasets to make your regulatory surveillance and compliance tasks more transparent. Containing spam filters, message clustering, author scores and more.


  • Large historical datasets
  • Customized selection in real-time
  • +100 million diversified sources
  • Structured, seamless integrated interface


Providing key events and metadata and dashboard buzzer chart presentation. Our dashboard permits you an in-depth real time insight.


  • Multiple languages in Chinese, English and German
  • Real-time Buzz of securities
  • Key events and user alerts
  • Customized datasets available

Check out our unique Dashboard

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Knowing Your Customer

Stockpulse is your perfect partner to avoid expensive investigation and scrutiny, support law enforcement, and improve compliance. Due diligence is key for the prudent entrepreneur, investor, and manager to guarantee future success for your business. We help you in the most cost-efficient and comfortable way to ensure you reach your definite goals and comply.

About Stockpulse

We are a German-based data analytics company, setting new levels in quantitative data processing using Emotional Data Intelligence. Our mission is to improve and support data-driven decision making for a broad range of financial market participants by analyzing and deploying alternative data from Social Media. Stockpulse provides unique information to investors:

The emotional value of asset allocation.

Social Media meets Emotional Data Intelligence

Three billion Daily Active Users (DAU) in social media help you to adhere and guide the rules. Incorporating real time Social Media feeds into surveillance systems enhances the company's ability to monitor potential market abuse. An integrated alert system observes the social media influencer's network and assists in compliance management.

Coverage of +5000 Cryptos

Retail investors continue to grow exponentially, bringing new challenges to compliance managers. Think of “pump and dump” schemes, be it for stocks or crypto, where influencers manipulate many investors on the web, mainly on social media, to only use them as a tool for their personal objectives. Generation Y&Z have created their own jargon which makes it challenging in understanding the way they think and act. Getting a foothold on this data to filter, analyze and monitor it properly takes a great deal of expertise. Monitoring the crypto markets with conventional tools is simply not enough for compliance managers. Social Media surveillance is an indispensable tool in today's environment.

Benefits you gain by partnering with Stockpulse

  • Huge historical datasets of more than ten years

  • Anticipate future volatile market movements

  • Real-time access to millions of messages daily in Chinese, English and German

  • Find important messages quickly in the flood of social media squawk

  • Track author's credibility and impact

  • User friendly Dashboard with myriad of tools

  • Integration of frequent updates of our coverage and data analytics capabilities

We cooperate with leading stock exchanges in Europe and the United States to deliver insights based on trading surveillance.

How does Social Media influence Financial Markets? Nasdaq is deploying Emotional Data Intelligence by Stockpulse to find out

Stefan Nann is co-founder and CEO of data analytics company Stockpulse, a data analytics company specializing in mining Emotional Data Intelligence. “Facts only account for 10% of the reactions on the stock market; everything else is psychology.” André Kostolany, a stock market investor who made most of …

Trading Surveillance Office (TSO) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Germany relies on data from Stockpulse for Social Media monitoring

Emotional Data Intelligence increasingly important for the stock market and regulatory environment. First trading surveillance office worldwide with access to Stockpulse data services Both parties agree on long-term cooperation and expansion of the process chain. The Trading Surveillance Office (TSO) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Germany has …

"Social Media monitoring is a key task for regulatory surveillance of stock trading today, especially when it comes to recognizing fake news and users with manipulative intentions. With Stockpulse we have a strong and innovative partner who supports us reliably in this task already for years."

Andreas Mitschke, Head of Trading Surveillance Office Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Deutschland (TSO)

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